Dom Italiano - GRIP AUTO

Not a day went by that my mind wouldn’t be filled with new ideas; a constant flow keeping the passion alive and strong, growing in endless possibilities. My design cave is still filled from wall to wall with every book, magazine and drawing/design, put on paper since the age of seven. It serves as a constant reminder of what ignited my passion for automotive design.

My passion stems deeper than any one book, magazine or drawing. My family - my father comes from a background of engineering and he gave me an appreciation for the skills required to engineer one of a kind designs and understanding how things work. I still remember watching and helping him work on his pride and joy – a 1975 Contessa Gold HJ Holden Kingswood Station Wagon.


"Grip Auto is an extension of my obsession


With a background in design and having a qualification as an automotive technician, I continuously strive to be ahead of the game with fresh unique ideas, pushing boundaries and trying new things. For me it is in the purity of creativity and bringing my designs to life.


Through Grip Auto the finest of details can make the biggest difference and it is here that I focus my time and energy. The products we offer include an extension of flair and an eclectic genre that attracts the true enthusiasts – you will find me at local car shows, the racetrack and any event that involves the smell, sounds and emotions that a car can give.